PhD course

Small angle scattering – a tool for revealing structure at the nanoscale

This course aims to provide students with basic knowledge of the small angle scattering technique, the design of experiments and the analysis of data with an emphasis on biological structure.

The practical part of this course will take place on October the 21st to 23rd, 2019.

The main organisers are Dr. Chris Garvey (ANSTO, MaU) and Prof. Marité Cárdenas (MaU).
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After completing the course, the student should

  • Have an understanding of the small angle scattering technique particularly from the perspective of experiment design.

  • Understand the Fourier relationship between real space structure and small angle scattering data and complementarity between the two experimental perspectives.

  • Have the ability to extract structural information from the well-designed small angle scattering experiment.

  • Understand the application of contrast variation and molecular deuteration to enhance the information content of small angle scattering experiments.

The course consists of 3 parts

  • Part 1: The theoretical part is done via remote participation. The training material will be uploaded at the course homepage at least 3 weeks before part 2. There will be an online quiz that the students need to pass in order to participate in Part 2.

  • Part 2: The practical part consists of groups discussions laboratory / group work (2 ½ days) to take place on October the 21th and 22nd in Lund and the morning of October the 23rd in Malmö.

  • Part 3: The summary part is done via remote participation with the submission of a report two weeks after Part 2 has been completed. Possibility for discussion with the teacher via video meeting will be available.